Rufus King Physics Standards

The SL and HL physics standards
These are the proposed standards that will (probably) be represented in Infinite Campus.

Ah, the Great Standards Wallahs have decided that we can only have 6 effing "umbrellas," now. So here is the REFIXED set of standards. Please make it stop....

...It isn't stopping. The standards are still being adjusted. I will try to upload a RE-REFIXED set of standards as soon as is humanly possible.

The MYP physics standards
I am currently putting the standards into a document which I will upload soon...maybe.

Unit Planners for MYP Physics
At Rufus King, 10th graders are automatically enrolled in a course called MYP Physics. Students at this level are considered to be in Year 5 of the MYP (Middle Years Program). Due to scheduling complexities, sometimes non-MYP students (11th or 12 graders) are enrolled in a majority 10th grade class. Transcripts for these non-MYP physics students will designate their level of physics as "Physics" instead of "MYP Physics."

As part of the MYP, unit planners must be on file. For the physics course at Rufus King, here are the current drafts. These are working documents, in that they will change from year to year as they are used and reflected upon. The units are designed so that any first-year physics student will get the widest range of physics and meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), regardless of whether the student pursues additional physics in his/her high school career. The units are also designed so that students will be adequately prepared to enter the DP program.